Uncover Your Potential

Channel 4 has been airing a programme called ‘Hidden Talent’. As a keen linguist I saw last week’s episode where a young English man undertook a 12 week programme in Jordan to learn Arabic, an extremely hard language to learn. On the end of his journey he appeared on live Jordanian television amazing the talk show host and everyone else with his ability to understand Arabic and talk in that language.

Apparently, after 12 weeks of study he was at the same level of progress as most students are after around two years of study. Impressive!

And it got me thinking: while the current job market is fairly difficult to break into and many people are unaware of their abilities, if they realised their capabilities, they could be happy and potentially successful, working in an environment that utilises their skill set. Many people, unfortunately, are not utilising their skills and are unhappy in their jobs.

I am a certified Life Coach. I believe these people would benefit from receiving Project You Coaching (life coaching) to tap into all the hidden talents they possess and more by guiding them towards their goals as well as helping them understand themselves better.

Project You Coaching is unique as it can be combined with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, if beneficial to the client, to uncover and treat any limiting beliefs, i.e. a lack of confidence.

Also, as a certified Learning Coach, I can help in an educational capacity to help you improve your exam results, memory and enjoyment for learning.

If you want to know more and / or are interested in exploring your potential, or want to have a change of career / find employment then please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

For more information on the Channel 4 programme and to take some small tests, for example to see if you have a critical eye for art, then click on this website: http://www.facebook.com/hiddentalent/app_331708993539602.


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