Is it Time for You to Change?

Do you have a habit that annoys others? Can you be over-the-top? Maybe it’s time to change? If not, what will it take?

I have a small collection of trainer footwear of which I am particularly fond.  There is one pair I have worn only once since I bought them a year ago, when I tried them on in the shop. I like certain things to be perfect (what’s that about?) and decided to wear these trainers earlier this week when the sky was clear and bright, and I couldn’t see any puddles. I found a nice coffee shop and I treated myself to a hot chocolate. Now this is not something I normally do when I am on my own, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I did this. Before I even took a sip of the hot chocolate the barista accidentally knocked it over and, you guessed it, on to my lovely “new” trainers.

One can become obsessive. If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen. Sod’s Law! You may remember the BBC news of the creation of the formula:

I didn’t get upset. The assistant was highly embarrassed and apologetic and I didn’t want to make her feel worse. I’ve seen people become extremely angry in similar situations but as a Hypnotherapist I understand why they react negatively as they might have experienced a hijacking of emotions (strong emotions make us stupid – a regression to undeveloped cognitive thinking).

The experience made me realise that I, too, needed to loosen up a little. Sometimes events that may appear insignificant can actually be a catalyst for change. I have endeavoured for too long to protect many of my possessions, clothes, books, etc. It’s as if I undertook a risk-assessment. It was time for me to change.

So what would make you change? Do you follow into the three times convincer group? For example, do three different people need to tell you the same thing for you to be influenced by that identical message? Alternatively, do you fit into the group that is automatically persuaded or into the faction that needs to be consistently convinced? For instance, if you were frequently dining in a restaurant but were let down on your last visit, would you return? Moreover, do you need one incident at work or in your personal life for you to doubt yourself or others? If this rings true to you then how many positive experiences do you need to have to be convinced to believe in yourself or others again?

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